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Logans Heart

I don't have much time, at the MIL's house. Logan was diagnosed with Venticular Septum Defect. In short, there is a hole in the muscle wall (septum) dividing his two ventricles (lower heart chambers). Oxygenated blood is forced through the hole into the unoxygenated blood heading to the lungs. This causes the heart stress since some of the blood is already oxygenated, causing heart enlargement and high blood pressure in the lungs.

Logan is lucky, the hole is small enough that he *should* not have any of those issues, or failure to thrive, which would have shown up at birth. We go back in one year, if the hole has not closed on it's own, or has gotten any larger, he will need open heart surgery.

I am so thankful that this is the only problem. I saw a lot of sick babies on friday. Logan was a little pro!!! He actually fell asleep during the ultrasound of his heart. It was amazing to watch his heartbeat in real time.

Thanks to all who sent warm wishes, we are all doing great. Hope to get back on here again, Im getting a little stir crazy with all these thoughts and no outlet!! :p


Jun. 10th, 2008 08:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Glad
Why thank you :) As long as we aren't dead or dying we are happier than most people in the world. Morbid, but true ;)

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