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It's 50 out, ohh yeahhhh!!!!! We went to the park on the river this afternoon. We were all having a great time, except for the start up low back pain of course ;)

As I'm reading about the summer mudpuppy program my phone rings. The person on the other end is Lisa, the lot manager of everyones home. She starts going OFF about the water meter "somone tampered with".. Uhh, ok.

I am being very nice, trying to explain that we made phone calls to the city, never heard back, we've not once recieved a water bill from the office even though we have asked for one 4 times, etc..

Lisa then says "Well, they (the city) are replacing the meter right now, but Im turning the water off until I sort out how much the bill will be, probably hundreds of dollars."

I clarify, "So you're telling me that even though the water meter will be fixed, we won't have any water?"

Lisa "Yes! I don't know if I feel comfortable with you having water seeing as you haven't been paying the bill."

(Oh fuck no. I don't even remember where I was at this point, I could have been in the river. Keep in mind this is 5 minutes into the conversation where I've played "nice")

Mommy "And WHO are you again? You're telling me that because YOU don't feel comfortable, my 4, 3 and 2 year old children are going to be without running water?! There was no malice here lady! The pipes broke and we fixed them when no one else would. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, I WILL TALK TO YOU AGAIN WHEN THE WATER IS BACK ON!!"

Oh sweet god above, we headed home, I was prepared to punch this `tard in the mouth. Not only was she acting like she had some say in what would happen, she was, like, the biggest bitch EVAR. I had been moody all day, she totally got to see the bitchiest side of me, and it.felt.good. (lol)

We got home, no one was there. The meter was fixed AND THE WATER WAS ON. You're god-damn right it was. I was tempted to walk my bloated ass down to the office and laugh at her. Moron.

So yeah, other than being bloated, crampy, and still edgy, I had a good time...lol...Been a while since I chewed someone out, especially someone who thought they could shame or scare me into a corner... Hag. lol :P


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Mar. 19th, 2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
so she THOUGHT the water was going to be off for somereason and thinks it is mabe....would she have the power to change that if she found out it was in deed on? if so, i wouldnt tell her. if she doesnt have that power...i would. that's just the bitch in me though LOL
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