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The Midwifery Today confrence is in Ann Arbor this may. I can't go because even the cheapest admission price is over $140.. Thats 2 electric/gas bills. Not gonna happen...

Im not super upset, even though everyone who is anyone in the birth arena will be present....*sigh* There were only two classes I wanted to take, and the one I REALLLY wanted tot ake is given by a local herbalist who I've talked with.... When you go to her farm she says some of the girls smoke thier gifts.... LOL... Thats my kind of fucking inservice ;P

Im more upset that people who WANT to be midwives but are (like everyone in this state) poor will be detered from Midwifery.... This is why I WILL provide FREE services to fammilies in need, so help me goddess... ;) It's what I'm here for, and it feels SO good to have the information, finally :D

In other things... My spinach and arugla have poked thier little heads up :) My peas are about ready to transplant, and I have another mystery plant coming up near my swiss chard... We shall see!!!! My chives were big enough to use yesterday, MMMmmmMMM were they good eat'n!!! Im so excited to completley cover my plot with veggies and herbs, I feel the goodness just around the corner!! I've already done a crapload of work tearing down fences and old boxes, replacing them with new wood and plant stands... I even used power tools all by myself!!! Im getting to be SUCH a big girl!!! (LMAO)

I have an old school 60's 35mm camera I've been playing with, as soon as I get some stuff developed I will pass them along!! :)


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Apr. 14th, 2008 08:15 pm (UTC)
FREEEE? wow, ya i guess temp unemployed single parent would qualify...if i ever get preggers again in which i would be insane..lol, ill be sure to contact you. do you travel though?
Apr. 14th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
lol, by that time I will most likely be on the west coast ;)
Apr. 14th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
ya lets see, IF i get a REAL b/f this year is one so exists in my town...it would be at least 5 yrs or more that we decide to have kids....only if he's rich LOL. Id have to have it manually put in my uterous..i forget the name of it. my tubes are tied.
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