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Does Not Compute..

Uhhhmmmmm... It seems there has been a recent upsurge in groping, only this time it's "sanctioned"...

Open source boob project? Are you fucking kidding me? I actually started crying when I read what was going on. These "men", these fucking PIGS thought that they had a RIGHT to ask a woman to touch her BREASTS??? When has it EVER been ok to ask to touch a strangers PRIVATES?!?!??! "Excuse me sir, I would like to touch your testicles, right here in the break room, is that O.K?" Give me a fucking break...

It's very alarming to see that a Woman’s breasts are no longer considered private, no longer hers, a commodity to be openly shared. Wow. Why not ask to sniff her panties? I mean, it's no big deal, not like there's penetration involved, just a little sniff, you know, some guys are hard up these days, throw `em a bone...

I guess when little girls are raised on a culture of porn, where Women's bodies are used to sell everything from cars to golf tees, this shouldn't be surprising. EVERY Woman is touchable. The REAL fucked part is Women are made to feel that it's OK to do something like this. It's JUST her boobs, no big deal!! I mean, if she didn't feel comfortable with it she would say no, because everything is JUST THAT SIMPLE.

I find it hard to believe that in a country with the lowest breastfeeding rate of the westernized world Women are doing this because they are THAT comfortable with their bodies.. Right... They aren't comfortable enough with themselves to NURSE THEIR FUKING BABIES, use their breasts for WHAT THEY ARE INTENDED FOR, but this, THIS is acceptable. Women are ACCOSTED, threatened with ARREST FOR NURSING THIER BABIES IN PIBLIC, BUT NOW, IN PUBLIC HALLWAYS IN PUBLIC OFFICE BUILDINGS THEY ARE BEING GROPED!?!???! Excuse me while my head implodes....

I want to wait outside the office of the men who thought this up. I want to castrate them. How fucking DARE them, how dare they even POSE that question, how do they think they have ANY RIGHT TO ASK!? HAVE WE GONE BACK TO 1951 HERE? Will she get fired if she fucks up the coffee? Better let him feel your tits honey, don't wanna lose your insurance.

If anyone out there is going to try to defend any aspect of this, please, save your breath. Instead, let’s meet in an alley somewhere, bring a pointed stick, broken glass, whatever you want.. This is no longer a topic for discussion; this is now grounds for an ass beating..
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