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Mini Vaca, other randoms..

I had my first solo postpartum homevisit today. Everyone was beautiful, nothing but perfection! I felt very much like the big girl ;) Only annoyance, seems the men in my life thought it would be a great idea to take my stethoscope apart... Luckily the infant side was still on, everyone got a giggle at me taking Mom's BP with my baby scope... Hey, it works ;)

I have a day long waterbirth seminar tomorrow in goshen IN. It's only 2.5 hours from us, but I have to leave tonight since the damn thing starts at 7:45am. (I know, whoTF starts that early?!?!) Originally I was going to go alone, but seeing as it's only an hour from lake michigan I think everyone will go and all the Men will spend the day at the beach!! If it looks like it's going to rain, then I do go by myself... Either way, we are getting a break from the mundane ;)

I have no connection to the outside world `cept the everycoupledays news paper and NPR... Seems there are food riotsand shortages? F'n sweet... Also seems that costco and sams are keeping an eye on how much rice you buy... Can't have peopple stocking up now can you?... Im happy to report that the years of paranoia about this very situation have prepared me. I know no less than 20 wild food sources that are plentiful enough, and local enough to sustain my family should the need arise. I can also purify the most putrid water to the tune of 60 liters in 2 minutes. Outside of tooting my own horn (wink) this is to let all the local folks know that if shit gets out of control, you have a safehouse. I might put you to work hauling water, but at that point it would be well worth it, lol ;)

Well, I think that's all the random crap I've had floating around... Not much, but can't hurt to get it out either... Oh yeah.. Im NOT pregnant, we had a scare, so far so good... After the next visit from the aunt Im getting my sweet ass up to the P.Phood for an IUD... 4-real :P
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