IT'S A GIRL IT'S A GIRL!!!! My brother FINALLY fucked something up in a GOOD way!!!! LOL!!!! Can you tell Im coming out of my skin excited!?!?!??!? Im already picking out girlie slings for ME to use with her, LMFAO!!!! Oh don;t get it twisted, she will SOOOOO be a part of the "tribe" ;)

In other news, we are not dead, everything has worked out with the living situation, we got a new case worker who has called like twice a week really working to help us out. It's a very nice change of pace.

We all just got over a real nasty 36 hour puke bug. No fun, but we made it :)

I also just got my FOR REAL MW student package with all my matching BP cuff, stethoscope, changable head, fetoscope, gloves etc, and NOW I get to pick out an honest to goodness BIRTH BAG!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!!! :D

So, yeah, Scott is tired of hearing me squeal!!! LOL!!! Happy tuesday everyone!!!
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Poor people live here too ya know.. (not spelling friendly, sound it out people!! lol)

So there is a new car made in India that sells for $2,500 brand new. Nice. It's only available in india and southeast asia right now.

We could use one ya know. I get so pissed off at the big 3 when I hear of all these other countries where you can buy a brand new car for $3,000. Fuck off ford.

People areound here get so pissy if you say anything bad about ford, gm or chrystler. Eat my ass. My family worked there, and I STILL wouldn't buy any one of those. Sorry if other countries make superior products with more MPG. Sorry if i don't want to support the fuckers that keep sending jobs overseas, leaving thousands jobless at a time...*grumble*

I guess Im just annoyed that there is no way we can take advantage of a car that was made specifically for people in our situation... We are at the mercy of Scott's grandmother who has been carless for her grandchildren for months now.

In other news... We may have water tomorrow. Scott bought some metal glue that can fix a cracked engine block. We shall see. If not, I have been obsessing on some home power mags that show you how to make a sand/UV filter for rainwater that will cost about $50. We have always palnned on living off the grid, it now looks like this is the time to do it. I've already been hauling in pails of water to flush the toilet, and honestly, I kind of like it..LOL...

I don't know if it's my inner hillbilly coming out, or if its the feeling of accomplishment and independance, but I dig it ;) (inner hillbilly as in I was born in OK and my entire parental side of the family lives in BFE MO)..

Maybe with our tax returns we will buy some used solar panels and do it up for real ;) I already know how to rig up an exercise bike to run a washer/dryer.. Don't think I won;t do it!!! :D

It also has shown me just how much water we waste as americans. It took almost an entire gallon of water to wash a couple of dishes because i was using petroilium based soap and was used to a continuious stream of water.. Ah well, at least now I know and will try to implement this in future water usage... Alright, someone is DEMANDING the titty.. ;)
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Ok, I TRIED to read my F-list updates, but it seems this copmputer hates all of you. (lol)

Things are alright over here. Bored, getting ready to go on vacation. If any of you live near warrenton VA, let me know and we will have to neet up!!!

Got new glasses. No one likes them.. I call them "Granny-Chic".. I on the other hand fucking LOVE THEM.... But I would.

Ok people are starting to get antsy... I dont think the extra large Mocha helps with my "library computer" paranoia ;)

Hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving. I spent mine some-what drunk making fun of everyone... ABout damn time ;P
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Privacy what?

So Im at the library killing time between the end of my shift and Scott's... Figured I would jump on the internet and see what's going on...

Uhh yeah... Someone smells like 5 o'clock vodka, Im practically sitting on the person next to me, and I can also tell that the person across from me had something curried recently...

I feel like everyone in here can read all of this.... *sigh* I miss my internet :(

On the bright side I have been watching more physics videos, and I think Scott and I are going to attempt to get into dark matter/energy. Should keep my brain busy for a while :)

Well, Im going to go bleach my hands, this keyboard is HELLA-greasy (lmao!!) Srsly though...
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but barely. oh god Im so bored all day everyday!!!

I only have a few secs, but I did get a library card so I plan on catchin up with people and posting in the next few days.

Hope everyone is doing well, miss all of you!!!

Ohhhhhhhhh god....

I need fruit loops.

For the first 3 months of all my pregnancies that was all I could eat. They tasted the same going down as they did coming back up. Fruit flavored sugar, it's always a good time.

I'm not preggers, I am so hung over I could die. I feel like my stomach has a certain time in mind but doesn't want to share... Everyone likes a surprise, right!? (asshole stomach)

A girlfriend I haven't seen since Ashurs birth came up from ohio to visit last night. We rented movies we had already seen, I thought we'd drink a couple beers and catch up. *sigh* I lost count after beer #6...

I do remember having a good time, she left a little after 1am.. Scott and I were having a good time, then all of a sudden we started to debate each other, which led to an all out war lasting until 3 something.

I smacked a floor lamp (thanks Dad) sending my hand through the shade and breaking the bulb with my fingertips.... I now have a pea-sized chunk of flesh missing from the pad of my middle finger....

I'm sure it was an awesome sight.. Stephine kneeling next to the toilet, one hand covered in blood, making a mess of the floor, at the same time trying to fashion a bandage out of a kleenex and medical tape, never stopping the argument.

Now I'm trying to get bites of peanut buttered toast down so I can have some coffee. My head is killing me, we have nothing to take for it...*shakes head*

I have no one to blame but myself. I knew that I had to take care of the Babies all day today, I knew we would have nothing if I woke up with a migraine, and I knew that I have rage issues-drinking only helps that ya know? (lol)

Sweet mother of god.... At least it's snowing out, I don't feel so guilty about just laying around...
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MARIO!!!, It's a-Me

I think my Mel's gone crazzzzzzzyy...

Mel Gibson is a sadist.

We watched apocalypto last night..

First of all, they place you in "the twilight of the Mayan civilization".... Uhmm, that’s false.

Everything about the culture portrayed in the movie was AZTEC. There IS a difference, you Jew hating asshole.

Some people (myself included) watched the movie because (at one point) they had a slightly unhealthy obsession with Mesoamerican cultures....
I wanted to see what it could have looked like. I didn't want to watch a movie that mixed all the ancient "brown" civilizations together.

On top of that, I have to watch Gwar-like special effects?

The movie Braveheart-War, blood, guts, death.... A man is strapped to a table at the end of the movie and publicly disemboweled..... The Patriot-War, blood, guts, death....Passion of the Christ-A man is whipped, beaten, and at the end of it all nailed to a cross and left to die a horrible death in public..

Don't get me wrong, I was expecting some gore, just not constant scenes of rape, mutilation, torture, people burning alive....Give me a fucking break. I thought I was renting a movie about ancient peoples, not a snuff film...

So yeah.... In other news, I may be without internet for a bit, call my cell if you need me (734) %0@-8593

I think we should write him a letter and ask him to get some help, srsly. Is it right to sit by and watch a man go crazy?
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Weight loss "gift".

When I decided to actively lose weight I thought that coming up with a "prize" would help motivate me. It didn't, lol. I had to lose it at my own pace I guess, BUT, that never negated awarding myself once the weight was lost.

I get to go to VA and spend a 4 day weekend with my Rachel Jean!!! WoOt!!!

Im so excited to see her, AND feel good about meeting all of her younger childless friends. Im SO going dancing while Im down there!!!! :D

I will probably go down the first real weekend in dec. Turkey traffic will be over and it's still to early for x-mas. It's also SUPER cheap airfare.

Maybe this will help me realize my ideal body shape. The scale is my friend, it's just the damn lackofmuscletoneyoujustlost30pounds look Im not digg'n on these days.

There may always be something I want to change, I don't know how I will feel down the road. I do know that Im not completely happy with my body right now, and I have the power to change it. Either through exercise, or becoming more accepting of how I look after having three children.

I think for a former anorexic with body-image issues Im doing pretty damn well, If I do say so myself ;)
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The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and have them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while!

1) I bought size 7 jeans!!! Did I mention they are a size 7!!!!
2) We have a babysitter for all three kids until tomorrow evening, holy-jesus!!!
3)Cassandra is here!!!
4) I feel pretty
5) Matt and Kim sound great!!!!
6) Im going to play downtown!!!

I don't tag people, but you should do it, it makes you feel good!!!

What to do!?!?!?

Scott's Mom picked up all three of the kids at 1pm. We don't ha ve to pick them up until tomorrow evening... WTF am I supposed to do with myself?!!?!?

Right now Scott is napping, and the house is clean... MMMmmmm.. I'm so confused!!!! There are a lot of things I SHOULD be doing...Reading my MW books.. Taking a walk... Sit ups.... But I don;t WANT to do any of those things ;)

Tonight Cassandra is supposed to come out. Either way I am getting shit-faced drunk. I have not drank in MONTHS. There is no one due, I have no children, AND I will be able to sleep any hangover off in the morning. I also think that if I drink enough I won't feel my boobs leaking later this evening.. LOL...

I think Im going to throw on some Bird and the Bee, pluck my eyebrows, take a long shower, and make myself purdy.. :)

Have I mentioned that I just bought size 7 jeans!!!!! I havent been a size 7 since I was a couple months along with Aiden, almost 5 years ago... Yea stress from 3 babies!!!!! (LOL!!)

Ok, it's pretty time!!!!!
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